Let me start out with saying thanks to everyone that has logged in over the past week on ALPHA and LIVE to join us in the 1.1 River of Soul Event! A World event marks a new chapter in RIFT’s development and as with any new feature we’re committed to rapidly iterating on player feedback and improving it.

With that in mind we’ve cooked up a number of fixes that will be pushed out to our LIVE servers before the weekend. These changes focus on addressing many of the concerns players have brought up about rewards, and content availability.

Content Availability

We’ve made a number of changes to ensure that plenty of River of Souls event content is available, especially in our higher level zones.
  • Significantly increased the rate in which both Death and River of Souls event content spawns. This includes invasions, rifts, and zone events!
  • Increased the minimum number of rifts that can be open in many of our higher level zones including Ironpine, Stillmoor, and Shimmersand.

Improved Daily Quests

In addition to increasing the amount of content we have made further changes to the Daily quests to encourage player to play in level appropriate zones and not ruin the experience for other players.
  • River of Souls daily quests will only credit players for activities appropriate to their level. For example closing rifts well below your level will not earn you credit toward completing your daily quest.

Otherworldly Sourcestone

We have significantly increased the rate in which otherworldly sourcestone enters the world, giving players more opportunity to earn some of the awesome event rewards.
  • Significantly increased the reward for Daily quests.
  • Added Otherworldly Sourcestone drops to all Death rifts, invasions and zone events.
  • Increased the rewards given out for River of Souls event rifts, invasions and zone events.

Death Themed Event Weapons

Players who find the Shadetouched Weapon Cache will have the opportunity to earn new death themed rare weapons across all level ranges.
  • Shadetouched Weapon Cache’s appropriate for a zone’s level can be found as a reward for event content in that zone.
  • The Quantity of Caches discovered will continue to escalate as the event progresses, don’t worry if you don’t find one right away!

Reward Store Updated!

With the increase otherworldly sourcestone drops we figured it would also be great to add more rewards to the store as well.
  • Two new companion pets have been added to the store!
  • Added an epic death themed accessories for each calling
  • Reduced the price on the Touch of the Shade and Guise of Death event items

As you can see it’s been a busy few days for us, and we look forward to seeing how our first World Event plays out over the next week. Thanks again for all the great feedback!